I’m very happy to share with you my new application: Singo, for checking singing abilities.


How does it work?

Application compares frequency of a voice with a pitch frequency defined in a sing test and then it visualizes the difference between them. Based on that, the app gives you an overall score on singing skill.

Main features

  • Application detects your voice and compares it to the frequency of the original recording
  • Application gives you visualised feedback about how far you were from the proper frequency
  • Application calculates the score and gives you an overall result on your singing skills
  • Application gives you the possibility to listen to your recording
  • New singing tests every month!


  • Best to use with headphones
  • Try to sing songs in different keys





  • Application supports three octaves from C3 (130,8 Hz) to C6 (1047 Hz)


The main goal of this application is to give easy access to anyone to test their singing abilities. Especially for those who don’t have a musical background. Singo is not a next generation karaoke application. This application will tell you if you really can sing or not (like me 😃).

I hope that Singo will help you to discover your singing talent. In my case, despite not beeing vocally talented, Singo showed me how to be more aware of my voice. Now I sing much better then I used to (confirmed by a professional musician).

Interested more about the background of the application? Please visit this website.


All money earned by from this application will be given to kids who’s parents can’t support them in their music passion. I will share with you all the news about spending the money on this website and also on Twitter.


I’m a software developer. I’m passionate about music. I have been playing violin since 2013 and since I’ve been thinking about trying to connect my two passions: programming and music. I hope in the future to improve this application with new features based on your feedback.

Quality Assurance

  • Application was tested by the professional musician Agnieszka Gołębiowska (violinist).
  • Reviewed and tested by my friends.


  • Singo does not sync or upload any of the audio your recordings in the application
  • Singo does not access any information on your device contained outside of the Singo application
  • Songs were recorded by Agnieszka Gołębiowska who is a professional musician
  • Images were sourced from the website: https://www.last.fm
  • If you have any other questions about Singo’s privacy policy or our information practices, please contact me at bartlomiej.woronin@gmail.com


If you are having issues with Singo please:

  • email me: bartlomiej.woronin@gmail.com
  • or find me on facebook: Bartlomiej Woronin


  • Agnieszka Gołębiowska for testing this application and sharing your musical experience. Without you, I wouldn’t have had a chance to create this application
  • Jacek Zimoński who helped me with designing, graphics, and with improving the usability of this application
  • Maciej Piotrowski for supporting my idea, and for helping me review my post and my application
  • Michał Wojtysiak for your support!
  • Dariusz Niklewicz for your help and advices!
  • AudioKit Team for creating so fantastic stuff! Thank you guys!