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#43 Bye Bye fileprivate

Just one week left till WWDC 2017! I am expecting much more power given to developers in SiriKit and a couple of surprises. I guess you are waiting for some new APIs too 😬. The new Apple developer season is not only about APIs, OSes but also about Swift update. Swift 4 is coming. There are no big breaking changes,…

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#42 Review all the things!

Today we’d like to share a talk presented on May 14th at the UIKonf conference in Berlin. The world has gone crazy. It has made us extremely busy nowadays. Product owners want us to write code fast, to ship new features even faster. Because of that we don’t have time for self-improvement. We are programmers that may be great in…

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# 40 How to swiftly dequeue a cell?

The UITableView and UICollectionView classes serve table-like and matrix-like layout for content to be displayed on screen. Both components display their data in corresponding UITableViewCell and UICollectionViewCell subclasses. Both components contain mechanisms for reusing a cell, that was initialised earlier and is not visible on the screen, e.g. when user scrolled the content. You can find a nice description and…

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#39 HomeKit Devices Simulator using Node-RED & Raspberry Pi

In Issue #38 Bartek showed how we can leverage Homebridge to emulate HomeKit API for various smart devices. Today we will tackle slightly different problem related to HomeKit. Imagine that you want to play with HomeKit, but have no devices, don't want to invest too early or simply just need to quickly try it out? In this post you will…

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#38 Home automation with Homebridge

One beautiful day I thought: “hmm… it would be great to control my gramophone using voice commands…” After a few weekends everything worked as I had dreamed about: I’m so excited!:) Introduction In today’s post I would like to present simple case: how to control electric devices in our homes with usage of Apple HomeKit. Before we start to dive…

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#37 iOS Application Security Basics

Have you ever exposed your company to intellectual or financial loss? Have you ever written an app without having security and privacy in mind? If you want to know more about simple tricks to make your apps a bit safer, just watch our video from a meetup. You will get to know iOS security basics and best practices to build…

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#36 ObjectiveC2Swift Review

Today we will dive deeper into a quite unusual topic for us – Objective-C. Don’t be scared though as what we have got for you is a review of Objective-C to Swift tool. Full disclaimer: we have recently received a full access to the tool from ObjectiveC2Swift Team! Thanks! Challenge Accepted! We all have some big and small legacy projects…

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#35 Structs Alternative: Using Swift Protocols to Enhance Safety of Core Data Access

A previous article mentions the usage of a structs layer in accessing Core Data. This approach has some very nice properties, like thread safety of the struct values and the structs are always well formed. However this approach became too bothersome in our code and had its own share of problems. To create a struct layer you have to implement…

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#34 🎂 Happy Birthday (for the 1st time)

Today is 26th of January. Our blog was initiated on that day, exactly one year ago, with this post. At that time, we couldn’t even imagine and wish things would have gone so well! You’ve visited our website 143 377 times from all over the world 🌍🌏🌎! Your favourite post #23 Notifications in iOS 10 was visited 23 956 times….