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#48 Locating the Yeti with iOS

iOS Conf SG On October 20th 2017 Dominik and I were on a seek for the Yeti in Singapore! We tried to tap into Singlish and we presented on iOS Conference in Singapore a topic about Location on iOS and our technique to find a snowboarder on a mountain slope mentioned in article #46. Thanks to Michael Cheng and…

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#46 Locating a snowboarder 🏂 on a slope

Locating the Yeti ❄️ Michał and me are great fans of snowbaording. In 2010 we dreamed of an application for snowboarders. The app’s intention was to give greater fun to skiers and snowboarders through gamification and to ensure their safety in case of emergency. We called the project YETI – Your Emergency Tracking Interface. We created the first prototype of…