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#48 Locating the Yeti with iOS

iOS Conf SG On October 20th 2017 Dominik and I were on a seek for the Yeti in Singapore! We tried to tap into Singlish and we presented on iOS Conference in Singapore a topic about Location on iOS and our technique to find a snowboarder on a mountain slope mentioned in article #46. Thanks to Michael Cheng and…

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#45 Can you sing well?

Remark After reading this post you will find out if you can sing or not. If you want to stay not aware about it please don’t read this post further. Story I’m passionate about music. I have played violin for 3 years. One year ago I bought a digital piano to make first steps as a composer. Also I’m very…

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#27 Localize your strings swiftly

Hey, long time no see! It’s because we’re working on two important issues, stay tuned! This issue will be short and it will show you how you can define and access localized version of your strings in a swift manner! NSLocalizedString In Xcode we can easily create a Localizable.strings file in which one can define pairs of key and value…