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#42 Review all the things!

Today we’d like to share a talk presented on May 14th at the UIKonf conference in Berlin. The world has gone crazy. It has made us extremely busy nowadays. Product owners want us to write code fast, to ship new features even faster. Because of that we don’t have time for self-improvement. We are programmers that may be great in…

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#26 SwiftLint, SonarQube and CheckMarx… what else?

Today we would like to talk about news from SwiftLint and also look at different static analyzers frameworks like: SonarQube Checkmarx Concentrating on some basics, best practices, tips and just personal feelings about each one. Important: if you would like to learn more about SwiftLint I recommend visiting our previos post about SwiftLint. Ready? Let’s start! SwiftLint A tool to…

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#11 SwiftLint

Should the opening brace of a function or control flow statement be on a new line or not ?:) This and many other questions cross my mind when I think about coding style. I love the comment from Ray Wenderlich’s Swift style guide: "You like braces on new lines @elephantronic ? This will strain our friendship!" …hehe, so it really…