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#24 Architecture Wars – A New Hope

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… Or maybe not that far away… Have you ever had a feeling, as I have had many times, that the design of your app seemed so brilliant at first, but suddenly adding more and more features to it made your source code more complicated and eventually, unmaintainable. Presumably you hadn’t…

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#12 Custom UIViewController transitions in VIPER

View Controller Transitioning API is available since iOS 7. It has made creating custom transitions between UIViewControllers much easier and our apps got a new life. You can use the API in both Storyboard and non-Storyboard projects. If you have read our post about VIPER architecture, it might have turned many of your iOS coding practices upside down and might…

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#9 How to invalidate NSTimer properly?

NSTimer is a useful little one. It waits for some time and then fires, can fire periodically and runs in the run loop. There is also one unexpected feature. NSTimer retains its target. It’s not a big deal when you use a non-repeating timers as they get invalidated automatically after firing. However, when you use a repeating timer and forget…