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#51 Singo

I’m very happy to share with you my new application: Singo, for checking singing abilities. How does it work? Application compares frequency of a voice with a pitch frequency defined in a sing test and then it visualizes the difference between them. Based on that, the app gives you an overall score on singing skill. Main features Application detects your…

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#49 The Builder Pattern

In issue #41 in which we have built an app that uses a photo camera to capture one’s loayalty cards we used a pattern that we named Builder to configure properties of objects. How does the code look like when we use Builder pattern? We simply initialize an object we want to configure and call the with(:) function on the…

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#43 Bye Bye fileprivate

Just one week left till WWDC 2017! I am expecting much more power given to developers in SiriKit and a couple of surprises. I guess you are waiting for some new APIs too 😬. The new Apple developer season is not only about APIs, OSes but also about Swift update. Swift 4 is coming. There are no big breaking changes,…