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#37 iOS Application Security Basics

Have you ever exposed your company to intellectual or financial loss? Have you ever written an app without having security and privacy in mind? If you want to know more about simple tricks to make your apps a bit safer, just watch our video from a meetup. You will get to know iOS security basics and best practices to build…

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#26 SwiftLint, SonarQube and CheckMarx… what else?

Today we would like to talk about news from SwiftLint and also look at different static analyzers frameworks like: SonarQube Checkmarx Concentrating on some basics, best practices, tips and just personal feelings about each one. Important: if you would like to learn more about SwiftLint I recommend visiting our previos post about SwiftLint. Ready? Let’s start! SwiftLint A tool to…

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#21 iOS Security 101

Recently, I have been watching first season of Mr. Robot and I started paying even more attention to security and privacy. I’ve always used multiple passwords, privacy filter on my Mac when traveling and a strong passcode on my iPhone. But from time to time everyone does some silly mistakes. In Mr. Robot for example, a guy from AllSafe (i.e….