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#47 SiriKit news in 2017

The 2017 season for Apple news is almost over. WWDC 2017 is a far history already. We've got new frameworks, revamped Xcode 9, iPhone X and … HomePod coming soon. In Issue #43 I was wondering if Apple would join the Virtual Assistants war with a device and vast access to Domains and Intents in SiriKit. The first one is…

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#39 HomeKit Devices Simulator using Node-RED & Raspberry Pi

In Issue #38 Bartek showed how we can leverage Homebridge to emulate HomeKit API for various smart devices. Today we will tackle slightly different problem related to HomeKit. Imagine that you want to play with HomeKit, but have no devices, don't want to invest too early or simply just need to quickly try it out? In this post you will…

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#38 Home automation with Homebridge

One beautiful day I thought: “hmm… it would be great to control my gramophone using voice commands…” After a few weekends everything worked as I had dreamed about: I’m so excited!:) Introduction In today’s post I would like to present simple case: how to control electric devices in our homes with usage of Apple HomeKit. Before we start to dive…