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#47 SiriKit news in 2017

The 2017 season for Apple news is almost over. WWDC 2017 is a far history already. We've got new frameworks, revamped Xcode 9, iPhone X and … HomePod coming soon. In Issue #43 I was wondering if Apple would join the Virtual Assistants war with a device and vast access to Domains and Intents in SiriKit. The first one is…

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#9 How to invalidate NSTimer properly?

NSTimer is a useful little one. It waits for some time and then fires, can fire periodically and runs in the run loop. There is also one unexpected feature. NSTimer retains its target. It’s not a big deal when you use a non-repeating timers as they get invalidated automatically after firing. However, when you use a repeating timer and forget…

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#6 Basic LLDB tips

Long story short For a few years of programming iOS apps, my use of LLDB debugger has been minimal: That was all of it. Nothing to be proud of. Hitting a breakpoint and using a po command. I have known that po stands for ‘print object’ and that it can evaluate expressions. The more complex problems I had to deal…