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#54 Stubbing DispatchQueue in unit tests to run tests synchronously

The Dispatching protocol

In issue #50 Synchronous Unit Tests I described an approach on how to get rid of waiting for XCTestExpectation to be fulfilled. The approach assumes hiding an asynchronous dispatch of a block/closure of code to a GCD queue behind an abstraction layer called the Dispatching protocol.

In the production code you would implement a Dispatcher type like this:

If you had e.g. a view model which needed to perform some asynchronous computations instead of calling { /* your code */ } you inject an instance of the Dispatcher and use its dispatch(:) method:

Running unit tests synchronously – a simpler way

In the previous post I suggested using a synchronous dispatch to a queue during a unit test run. Actually, there is a simpler approach. Thanks to the abstraction layer of Dispatching protocol you can create a stub which invokes your block of code instantly. It doesn’t have to use DispatchQueue type at all, as it was suggested in the previous post (#50 Synchronous Unit Tests).

In a unit test case you create an instance of the stub and the code runs synchronously :)!

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