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# 40 How to swiftly dequeue a cell?

The UITableView and UICollectionView classes serve table-like and matrix-like layout for content to be displayed on screen. Both components display their data in corresponding UITableViewCell and UICollectionViewCell subclasses. Both components contain mechanisms for reusing a cell, that was initialised earlier and is not visible on the screen, e.g. when user scrolled the content. You can find a nice description and…

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#39 HomeKit Devices Simulator using Node-RED & Raspberry Pi

In Issue #38 Bartek showed how we can leverage Homebridge to emulate HomeKit API for various smart devices. Today we will tackle slightly different problem related to HomeKit. Imagine that you want to play with HomeKit, but have no devices, don't want to invest too early or simply just need to quickly try it out? In this post you will…