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#33 Security – implement your own encryption schema

I hope you you've had possibility to look at our previous post about security basics. Today we would like to concentrate more on scenarios when we want to strictly secure our sensitive data on our 3rd party applications, with below assumptions: Users can have insecure or default passcode Users have devices without a passcode in these cases it is good…

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#32 Errorify String

Swift.Error Swift introduces pattern of throwing errors, to propagate error conditions in a program. Errors are represented by types that conform to empty Error protocol, usually enum types. If you want to propagate an error condition in your app, you can use your AppError enum for that: The throws keyword says that a function can propagate an error, so it…

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#31 Getting started with Alexa on iOS

Happy New Year 2017! 🍾🎉 January is a special time for, as we will soon celebrate the first year of our blogging adventure 😁. Today I would like to give you a brief introduction into Amazon Alexa Voice Assistant service. You might remember our first steps with SiriKit, where we were not so happy about it 😜. Apple has…