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#11 SwiftLint

Should the opening brace of a function or control flow statement be on a new line or not ?:) This and many other questions cross my mind when I think about coding style. I love the comment from Ray Wenderlich’s Swift style guide: "You like braces on new lines @elephantronic ? This will strain our friendship!" …hehe, so it really…

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#9 How to invalidate NSTimer properly?

NSTimer is a useful little one. It waits for some time and then fires, can fire periodically and runs in the run loop. There is also one unexpected feature. NSTimer retains its target. It’s not a big deal when you use a non-repeating timers as they get invalidated automatically after firing. However, when you use a repeating timer and forget…

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#8 VIPER to be or not to be?

This time we would like to tell our story and share the experience about VIPER. Especially about good practices, how we deal with some specific cases and about our recommendations. We count on the comments with your experience!:) In this article our goal is not to talk about VIPER’s rules and explain every component of VIPER from scratch. Many sources…