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#2 Un-crash swiftly from CBCentralManager callbacks to a deallocated object

CBCentralManager is a class from CoreBluetooth framework for Bluetooth connectivity. It servers as a configurator of communication with external devices, represented as CBPeripheral objects by the framework. Configuration of Bluetooth interface and communication with peripherals is done asynchronuousley, so one can set self as delegate in order to catch Bluetooth-related events.

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#1 Meaningful print debugging

Print debugging is simple and yet a powerful method. It is usually enough to toss a print() in a couple of places and a problem is recognised. As it works well for values and simple objects, when we print a more complex instance, the result is less informing.

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#0 Big Hi to the world!

We’re bunch of iOS developers from PoznaƄ who are passionate about learning and coding in Swift. Because of that we decided to set up this blog and created a term swifting- swiftly coding in Swift!